Concrete Pumping In Atascadero, CA

If there ever was a town on the central coast that needs a concrete pump when pouring concrete it’s Atascadero.

Concrete pumping in Atascadero has always been an adventure for me.

No housing tracts were ever really built in that town so every house and every situation for concrete pumping in Atascadero has ever been the same for me.

Sometimes, I pull up to a job and see that the contractor will be pouring a 20-yard patio in a homeowner’s backyard. Well, that’s nothing out of the ordinary other than the fact that the house is already 100 feet away from the street, up on a super steep driveway, where I am unable to place my concrete pump close to the job.

Does something like that deter me from doing a great job?

Absolutely not!

In fact… I kinda like the challenge!

Every time I head out to a job site I always head out looking for the easiest, simplest, and safest way to pump the concrete where you, the contractor or homeowner, need me to pump it.

In a case like the one house in Atascadero above, I described I would always look for the best way to get around and limit the amount of concrete hose I would need to use to get the job done.

Using the least amount of hoses I can use also helps prevent concrete pumping plug-ups, reduces the number of hoses I need to clean out after I’m finished with the pour, and also saves you, the contractor, money because I charge extra for all footage exceeding 150 feet of line.

Hey, I’m here to pump your concrete and not rip you off! Know what I mean?


Back to how I would set up concrete pumping for this Atascadero home…

I would simply try to set up my concrete pump to the closest place I could set it up to where the concrete mixer can easily access my hopper.  Sometimes this means setting things up in not so typical ways.

Sometimes I’ll just have to set up the pump on another street and end up going under or through a wood fence (I’ll take down a few fence boards if I have to and set them back up when I leave!)

Sometimes I can have a better access setting up my pump on the side of an empty lot that is near the house. We all know that properties in Atascadero CA have huge wide open lots.

So once I find the perfect spot, that’s where I’ll set up and have the concrete pumped. I pump the concrete in a nice steady flow. I pump it nice and clean as to not splash or create speckles of concrete on the property siding of plaster. I finish up by washing out into the concrete mixer itself to prevent and mess. I roll up my hoses and clamps and place them neatly on my truck. Then I’m off to hit another job.

Believe it or not but I actually get a kick out of doing a great job! But you, as a contractor, probably feel the same way I don’t you?

There is pride in what we do!

I love concrete pumping in Atascadero. I like the challenge of each job and the pride in pouring out concrete for central coast contractors and homeowners.

So if you ever need to look for a concrete pumper in Atascadero then you don’t need to look any further than me and my concrete pump.

Take out your smartphone and give a call today: (805) 706-8890. I’ll be ready to go as soon as you call.